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Campo Viejo Wine Sensory Experience

In 2014, Campo Viejo together with Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, ran the world’s largest multi-sensory experience during a Campo Viejo event in London to find out how color and sound affect the flavors in wines: 3,000 people were given a glass of wine to taste while being exposed to changes in light and sound.

“We were astonished to see that the color and sound have such a profound effect on the taste of wine,” said Spence. “We knew an effect was likely, but the results went far beyond what we were hoping for.”

This became known as the Campo Viejo Color Lab.

Campo Viejo believes vibrant cultures add color to life.  We aim to inspire people to live a life more colorful by embracing the expressiveness, generosity, authenticity and vibrancy of modern-day Spain. Campo Viejo has been leading Rioja winemaking innovation, offering expressive and vibrant fruit-forward wines to the wine lovers around the world.

Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your wine tasting senses!  Grab a date, friend, colleague or come and learn by yourself.   Your newly acquired expertise will enrich your imbibing experiences and those of  everyone around you!


What you will learn:

  • You personal preference of environment to enjoy wine in
  • How much of an impact your senses have on you perception of wine- exploring how our senses (sight, smell, taste and hearing) impact our perception of wine
  • If you are a super taster or a tolerant taster – how each of the 5 tastes can impact the flavor of the wine
  • How different tastes and textures can change the perceived taste of wine- learning the flavor components of wine and practicing noticing those characteristics in wine
  • We’ll taste 5 wines

Join Lauren King Certified Sommelier

“Lauren King is the Brand Account Specialist, or Wine Ambassador for short, for the Pernod Ricard Wines portfolio, based in the Dallas Area.  Lauren spent four months on site at Pernod’s wineries in Australia, Spain, New Zealand and Sonoma to immerse herself in the regions and learn directly from the winemakers.  She enjoys bringing the stories of her amazing brands to life in the DFW area and sharing in all the pleasures that wine has to offer. She has close relationships with all the winemaking teams of her brands and speaks to the wines on their behalf. She currently has her Introductory Level Sommelier Certification and Wine and Spirits Education Trust Level 2 and is working towards her next levels for both of these certifications. Educating about wine is her passion in life and she always enjoys a good conversation over a glass of wine.”

Ready to taste, pair and learn? Contact us!

Please  RSVP  at  events@theartofwinedallas.com 

Cost: $40 per person.  This amount includes wines and appetizer!   

To purchase tickets click here:

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