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Words & Wine: The Art of Wine book club where we pair our favorite wines with some juicy reads!  

Join us monthly at The Art of Wine to discuss and share insights with individuals like yourself. Learn new and fresh perspectives all while enjoying our curated world wine list.

Sign up and meet us at The Art of Wine for the kick-off where we will enjoy light appetizers and wine as we discuss upcoming book themes and ideas.
We will select a new book each month so be sure to read along and share your thoughts on the book.

In addition, feel free to bring in books that you might have finished for our bookcase where you can “Bring a Book, Take a Book.” Any novels you feel like donating, please bring them!
Does Word & Wine seem like something you would enjoy? You can submit your RSVP to events@theartofwinedallas.com and join us for the kickoff event!

We look forward to seeing you!

Check out The Art of Wine calendar for Words & Wine dates and times: 


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