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Wine Tasting Events

  Let our team host a unique wine tasting event for you, your friends and colleagues featuring wines from around the world.

The Art of Wine experts will lead your group through a tasting of our unique wines.



Wine Tasting Events

  • Length: 2 hours
  • Event Details: We’re happy to host tastings at offices and private homes located throughout the DFW area. We’ll lead your group through a tasting of 6 different wines. You can choose your own region or country of preference.   The Art of Wine experts will provide a brief overview of the Winery’s history, the winemaking philosophy, and the basics of wine tasting.
  • Requirements: The Art of Wine will provide all materials necessary to host a memorable event. We do ask that the hosting location provide a table for service.
  • Event Pricing: Each of our Offsite Wine Tasting events will be customizable to suit your specific needs. The pricing will be dependent on the wine served and the number of attendees.

Each Wine Event Includes:

  • 1 -2 Staff Members
  • Tasting Materials
  • Transportation
  • Additional wine bottles available for purchase
  • Service + Tax