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September 2020

How is red wine made?

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Perhaps the most popular drink at the dinner table, it seems impossible that the complexities and nuances of red wine were discovered by accident. Stored fruit in ancient civilizations inevitably had to become fermented at some point, however, and naturally, this led to stumbling upon one of the greatest pleasures we know and cherish [...]

November 2016

Hoopes Vinyard Wine Tasting with Lindsay Hoopes

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Wine tasting with Lindsay Hoopes, taste some of her incredible Oakville wines at The Art of Wine. Lindsay is a third generation vineyard owner, and grew up in the heart of Oakville in Napa Valley. While she was very sucessful as an assistant district attorney with high profile cases in San Fransico, she decided to [...]

July 2015

Wine Tasting at The Art of Wine

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Explore Halter Ranch Winery We invite you to discover Halter Ranch wines at The Art of Wine. Halter Ranch is a 2000 acre winery and vineyard west of Paso Robles, California. Join us on July 31st as we explore this beautiful winery and their variety of wines. See the video below to learn more about [...]