Chateau Massiac has a long history that dates back to Roman times. The domaine was recently converted to organic viticulture. A crisp, dry white wine with distinct Sauvignon Blanc varietal character. With aromas of citrus, white peach and green pear, this wine is made from organic grapes.

Domaine Massiac Sauvignon Blanc

The name of the domain comes from “two brothers from Massiac in the Auvergne region who traversed the area in service to the King of Spain and eventually settled at this spot situated almost precisely halfway between the clock towers of the villages of Azille and Rieux Minervois.”

The domain was given a new lease on life by Bernard Boudouresques and his family who converted it to organic. It was certified organic in 2012.

The Art of Wine invites you to stop by for a glass of this magnificent wine!