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August 2020

How to Properly Taste Wine, Plus Top Wine Vocabulary to Use

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Whether it be at a fancy dinner or out of a “guilty pleasure” box of rosé, everybody loves wine. A bottle of wine is the perfect centerpiece for any tabletop conversation, and there’s nothing like a glass and a blanket to curl up with to enjoy a movie at the end of the day. [...]

April 2019

Greek Wine Education Class

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The Art of Wine Education: Greek Wine Education Class Satisfy your inner sommelier and discover Greek international wines with The Art of Wine Education at The Art of Wine Dallas. This class is an interactive and delightful experience that will engage and entice your senses.   “Plant no tree sooner than the vine” Alcaeus, 508 BC  April 13th 2019, The Art of Wine  will offer their exclusive, Greek Wine [...]

June 2018