Pair, compare and share

Become a member, our wine club is modeled for the modern wine drinker. Join our wine club for the at-home access you need to discover the best bottles from around the world.

Wine is about more than the glass in your hand. It’s about the experience and the culture around it. The Art of Wine delivers the total experience.

These are the benefits our wine club members enjoy:

  • Two to six, unique bottles delivered to you each month
  • Delivered to your door step
  • On demand reorder wine deliveries
  • 20% off all wine club cases reorders throughout the month
  • Instant access to our resource library (stemware guides, tasting sheets and more)
  • First-look invitations to all our trips, tastings, classes, dinners  and events

Embark on a global tour of wines waiting to be discovered from the comfort of your home.

Are you a wine lover or a wine enthusiast?

Wine Lover

“I buy an average 4 to 6 bottles monthly”

Become a member for $150 per month and receive six  bottles of your preferred flavor profiles, delivered each month after the 6th.

Wine Enthusiast 

“I spend an average of $40-60 a bottle”

Become a member for $60 per month and receive one to two bottles of your preferred flavor profiles, delivered each month after the 6th.

How does the wine club work?

First, we get to know you. You fill out a form with six easy questions when you sign up for the club. We then personally select one to three bottles of unique wines for you each month to fit your preferred flavor profile.

From white to Cabernet and everything in between, the Art of Wine offers uniquely enticing wines that are each a true work of art.

Additional benefits

Wine delivered to your doorstep is exciting enough! But we believe wine is a work of art that should be appreciated in every way.

As a wine club member, you get fast-lane access to all of the events and education we sponsor and organize. We arrange trips to wineries around the world and we host local events and tastings in Dallas.

The culture of wine is millennia old. Yet the art of wine is painting new brush strokes every day for the modern wine lover to enjoy in a new and more convenient way.