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 Wine Tasting Events 

“An Events Venue to Socialize with your Friends & Wine Groups”

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Let The Art of Wine team host a unique wine tasting event for you, your friends and colleagues featuring wines from around the world.  The Art of Wine experts will lead your group through a tasting of our unique wines.

Check out or wine packages for up to 50 guests.

Contact us about booking the entire space for more than 50 guests!


  • Private Wine Events
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Wine Tasting Events

  • Length: 2 hours
  • Event Details: You can choose your own region or country of preference.   The Art of Wine experts will provide a brief overview of the Winery’s history, the winemaking philosophy, and the basics of wine tasting.
  • Requirements: The Art of Wine will provide all materials necessary to host a memorable event. We do ask that the hosting location provide a table for service.
  • Event Pricing: Each of our Wine Tasting events will be customizable to suit your specific needs. The pricing will be dependent on the wine served and the number of attendees. A minimum of 10 attendees required for this event.
Package Pricing Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
# of Wines Tasting 4 5 6 8
Price per Person $20 $30 $50 $80


Each Wine Event Includes:

  • 1 -2 Staff Members
  • Tasting Materials
  • Additional wine bottles available for purchase-receive 15% discount
  • Service + Tax