7 03, 2021

The Wine of Chile

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The Wine of Chile Many famous wine regions of the world draw from a rich and ancient history of winemaking, and others among popular regions are fairly recent in their blossoming. It’s the more recent additions that often challenge longstanding champions in the industry. Winemaking in Chile falls somewhere in the middle. Chile [...]

17 01, 2021

The Wine of Georgia

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Exploring the different wine regions of the world will lead you down one of two contrasting paths. The more traditional path will show you regions that have been meticulously involved with their vineyards and winemaking traditions for thousands of years. Many of these regions that come to mind are the popular regions spread throughout [...]

17 12, 2020

The Wine of South Africa

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When we talk about the different winemaking regions of the world, there are plenty of names that everyone comes to expect…then, there are the names that catch us off guard. With a tradition as old as winemaking, though, it isn’t difficult to imagine that you’ll be able to find roots (quite literally) in every [...]

18 11, 2020

Valle de Guadalupe and the Wine of Mexico

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When we take a moment to think of the great wine regions of the world, our thoughts invariably wander towards Europe. France, Italy and Spain are the power players when it comes to the world’s most popular wine regions, and for good reason. From traditionally crafted and bottled Champagne coming out of France to [...]

25 10, 2020

How is Champagne/sparkling wine made?

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Big celebration? Bring out the bubbly! It’s universally known that champagne (and sparkling wine in general) are the centerpieces for special events, but what makes these bottles so special in the first place? The truth of the matter is that these wines, as crisp and easy-to-drink as they are, result from quite the technical [...]

12 10, 2020

Which Wines Are the Most Prestigious, and Why?

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The more we look into both the history of wine and the art of winemaking, the clearer it gets that there are more than a few reasons why some bottles of wine accumulate not only a hefty price tag, but also a hefty amount of prestige! From folkloric discovery to careful and precise scientific [...]

23 09, 2020

What’s the Impact of Organic Wine Production on the Final Product?

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From the vineyard to the bottle, wine production is a lengthy and nuanced process with plenty of subtleties that shape the gamut of the colors and flavors we know and adore. Decisions made at every step of the process can determine not only the quality of the final product, but also what it will [...]

15 09, 2020

How is red wine made?

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Perhaps the most popular drink at the dinner table, it seems impossible that the complexities and nuances of red wine were discovered by accident. Stored fruit in ancient civilizations inevitably had to become fermented at some point, however, and naturally, this led to stumbling upon one of the greatest pleasures we know and cherish [...]

20 08, 2020

What is the Importance of Wood Barrels in the Wine Making Process?

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From distillery ads to old cartoons, we know that barrels play an important role in the making of our favorite spirits. But liquors like whiskey aren’t the only adult beverages that have spent time in some oak. Wood barrels also play an important part in the wine-making process, both for necessity’s sake and, nowadays, [...]

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