Virtual Wine Tasting with the Art of Wine

Join us for a new and exciting wine tasting experience, all from the comfort of your own home!

The Art of Wine will be participating in a virtual wine tasting session on August 17th. Imagine it as a socially-distance yet wine-friendly interaction that is much needed by all of us wine lovers.

This event is also a fundraiser, with 30% of the ticket sales going to Junior Players, a non-profit organization that promotes growth and well-being of the youth of North Texas. This collaboration between The Art of Wine and Junior Players will also be joined by Hoopes Vineyard to bring you the best at-home wine tasting experience imaginable.

Tickets will be $125, $150, and $175 for the one, two, and three selected bottles of wine for the tasting. We’ll be featuring a Hoops Oakville Cabernet, a Hoopla Chardonnay Yountville, and a Hoopla The Mutt Blend Napa Valley.

A total of 30% of the boxes of wine sold will be donated after the event.

The tasting will take place over Zoom and will last two hours, with 10 minutes of introductions, 90 minutes of virtual tasting, and 20 minutes of questions and answers at the end. Links will be provided should participants like to purchase additional boxes of wine.

Benefits of a Virtual Wine Tasting

A Zoom call is probably not the setting that comes to mind when you think of a fine wine tasting. That doesn’t mean, however, that a virtual wine tasting doesn’t come with benefits of its own!

One immediate benefit to attending a virtual wine tasting is that you shed the need for a designated driver. Whether a glass is enough to get you tipsy or you decide to sit back and have a few sips more than you’re used to, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe and sound at home with no roads ahead of you that night.

Virtual Wine Tasting with the Art of Wine

Virtual Wine Tasting with the Art of Wine

Being able to log onto the call from home also means that location is never an issue. You’ll have no worries about making downtown on tasting day, no need to even be in the same city—or in the same country!

In fact, another related benefit is that being able to log on from anywhere allows you to enjoy the experience with a group that otherwise couldn’t attend a single tasting together. Maybe you want to enjoy some wine with family from out of state, or with friends from school that you haven’t reconnected with in years.

All things considered, a virtual tasting is an opportunity that allows you to discover new and fantastic wines, reconnect with family and friends at the click of a button, stay safe and sound at home, enjoy the convenience wine selections delivered to your doorstep…and you don’t even have to put on a clean pair of pants.

Hoopes Vineyard

The Hoopes Family Vineyard describes themselves as a home for the next generation of wine innovators, a new hotbed for local biodiversity and regenerative agriculture, a safe haven for animals, a hidden destination for Napa travelers, and, of course, an award-winning winery with some of the best wine you’ll ever have.

The family vineyard is now under the leadership of second-generation proprietor Lindsay Hoopes, who learned all the tricks of the trade from her father, Spencer Hoopes. The land for the vineyard was purchased before Napa Valley’s path to international acclaim was clear cut. Since then, the twelve-acre plot Spencer purchased has blossomed into the epicenter of Napa’s most prominent cabernet sauvignon brands.

Proud of the successful legacy, the vineyard continues to grow their own grapes, make their own wine, and ensure that every bottle tells the story of their family as well as of that everyone who with a hand in producing each perfect bottle.

Lindsay’s leadership has helped them reach bold new flavors and technical innovations that keep the vineyard on the status of excellence, too. Today, wine fans fall in love with the great wine and the responsibility that comes with sustainable production practices, regenerative agriculture, bio-diverse farming initiatives, and, of course, the rescue sanctuary for animals.

Junior Players

Founded in 1955, Junior Players is the oldest nonprofit children’s theater organization in Dallas. Ever-dedicated to their community, the organization has adapted to the needs of the area’s youth over time.


Up until 1989, Junior Players functioned as a youth theater, presenting traditional children’s theater productions, all completely performed by children and teenagers. Since then, Junior Players has broadened their scope, and now provides free programming to the youth of all of North Texas. This includes free arts education programs in: housing projects; elementary, middle, and high schools; social service agencies for children at risk; and both recreational and cultural centers.

The organization’s mission is to encourage intellectual growth, mental well-being, and the development of life skills in the youth of North Texas through mentoring, creative expression, and participation is dramatic and arts activities.

Junior Players offers multiple events to attend throughout the year. Due to his year’s contagious limitations, some of these events have unfortunately been cancelled. The organization was able to push through and hold two virtual events—Pup Fest and The Aftermath—and has transformed their annual gala into a completely virtual 4 part event series starring multiple celebrities as guest speakers!

Virtual Wine Tasting with the Art of Wine

Virtual Wine Tasting with the Art of Wine


These uncharted waters have tested us all at every level, from mental and emotional to economic and beyond. While we’re as anxious as the next person to get back to our normal routine and to enjoy a bottle of wine with our closest friends in person, we know that the only way we’ll be getting back to these memories is to continue social distancing and wearing our masks when necessary.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us for a couple of hours of great wine from a safe distance. At the very least, we’ll all get a break from baking sourdough!

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