Winery of the Month: Crocker & Starr 

The Art of Wine Winery of the Month: Crocker & Starr

The Art of Wine Winery of the Month: Crocker & Starr


September found us in the small town of St. Helena, CA, where we experienced  the exquisite combination of old world and modern wine making at Crocker & Starr winery. Touring the premises gave us a glimpse into the various, meticulous processes that deliver their exclusive, world-class wines.  Charlie Crocker and Pam Starr believe in gentle winemaking practices, and designing each wine by hand, and The Art of Wine  is bringing some of them to you!

“Grapes express where they are grown and for me soil is everything,” says Pam Starr. “I work the soil so it will express itself in the wine when blended. In this way I design the wine to capture the essence of our estate terroir. As a result we create complex, balanced, elegant wines that express the aromatic profile of the Crocker Vineyard.”

Pam Starr , Crocker & Starr


2015 AVA Napa Valley Cabernet Franc Blend

2015 AVA Napa Valley Cabernet Franc Blend

Announcing the New Face of Bridesmaid now know as AVA Napa Valley Blends

AVA Napa Valley Cabernet FRanc Blend Components: Cabernet Franc 60%, Merlot 23%, Petit Verdot 11%, Malbec 6%

Production: 768 cases

Our new label emblem represents this story… The traditional role of the bridesmaid was a hand gather a boutique of romantic- perhaps magical-herbs and flowers for the bride.  Similarly inspired, our Crocker & Starr AVA Napa Valley wines gather the best from our estate and our neighboring Napa Valley estates to create wines of complexity and balance.  Our AVA Napa Valley Cabernet Franc blend serves as the perfect introduction to the Crocker & Starr Winery Portafolio.

Founder Pam Starr and Evyn Cameron capture the diverse terrain of the Napa Valley is reminiscent of a Right Bank Bordeaux blend and is crafted with wine lovers and collectors in mind.  This AVA Napa Valley begins with Cabernet Franc from block 5 and 8 and is expanded with Merlot, Malbec and Petite Verdot.




“This is a brilliant project putting together blends that are declassified from other wineries….These are impressively put together wines…”

The Wine Advocate


Join us for a Crocker & Starr wine tasting on September 27 at 6:00PM!

We invite you to grab a friend and come in to AOW and embark on a new and unique wine experience! We will feature their:

  • AVA Sauvignon Blanc
  • AVA Cabernet
  • AVA Cab Franc Blend


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