A Greek Wine Education Class at the Art of Wine Dallas

The Art Wine will explore one of the most underexplored regions in the world: Greece.  This fun and interactive workshop is intended to entice the taste buds and the minds of those who wish to discover the othe origins as well as importance of wine in ancient Greece.  Get to know our four featured wine producers in our upcoming blog. Join us on April 13,2019 at The Art of Wine at 6PM.

Our wine classes are open to adults 21 & over. Learn why certain food and wine pairings work while others don’t, and how grape growing practices vary from one region to another. All classes are provided by international sommeliers and provide an in-depth look into different aspects of wine making and tasting. Classes are $50 per person, and participants receive a completion certificate.

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Be sure to stay tuned as we introduce our wine producers in our upcoming blog.